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Study Guides for PSYC 317 at McGill University

Genes and Behaviour

PSYC 317 Study Guide - Final Guide: Haplotype, Transgene, Repressor

60 from midterm 2 till now less likely material: reading before midterms Screening for transgene Neo replaces most but not all of orginal exon WT will see 7kb eect Trans homo will see band at 10 kn Haplotype a string of nu...

PSYC 317
Jeffrey Mogil
PSYC 317 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Formaldehyde, Wart, Autotomy

Focus on abstracts in regard to readings Lec 7 Sex evolutionary psychology Tenet of EP (know how to compare EP to SSSM) peacocks bright feather is intersexual selection Intra: male deers w sharp angle trying to kill each o...

PSYC 317
Jeffrey Mogil
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