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McGill University
PSYC 332
Richard Koestner

Introduction to Personality NotesAfter Midterm Environment Identical twins are more similar than expected and siblings are less similar then expected Identical twins raised together are only slightly more similar Nonidentical twins raised together are only 05 Heritability accounts for 5 of the variation in personality Genetics 40 5 accounts for shared environment eg parenting while 35 accounts for nonshared environment making siblings difpushing us to be dif Nonshared makes the dif Perinatal Trauma what happened during pregnancyAccidental Events eg teachers father during older brothers birth went to war and contracted turbocolosis had to be put away for a bitFamily Constellation Critical birth orderDifferential Parental Treatment Parents may treat each child difDifferent Sibling Interactions How siblings interact with each otherEvents Outside Of The Family peer group etc Complexity st1 born higher in achievement and consciousness nd2 born rebelliousnessGenetics probably with personality traits accounts for 50 shared env accounts for 5 and share env Counts for more but theis not precise McAdams saysAll studies assume that we have been raised in similar env major env abuse etc could have dramatic alterationsSome evidence that some particular traits might be more influenced by shared envfamily env Delinquencymore of family effect Questions Why are siblings so different in their personality Share 50 of genes with siblings but does not correlate with similarity on personality traitsWhat role does genetics play in their dev of personality traitsGenetic variance seem to be nonadditive There needs to be the same genetic pattern for personality traits to be the same for identical you will share the same pattern What aspects of environment are important in the dev of personality traitsSame env Plays very little role small percentage Although we would think that we are similar to our siblings but on the genetic and env Side there is relatively small amount of influencePersonality Over The Adult Years Once we have an idea how to measure personality we askCan personality change When will it change How will it changehow much will change o Suggestions that personality tends to harden like cement and by age 30 it is hard to change it because its pretty much set Lecture questionsHow much do the big five traits change from age 20 to age 40How much will the big five traits change there after Big Five traits consistencies in social and emotional behaviorBig Five TraitsNeuroticismExtroversion Alert to the value of the big five Paul Robin meckay Longitudinal stability of adult personality DescribeResearch and the big five traits suggest big five traits the only imp thing in personality o Dan McAdam not interested in personal adaptation identity and life narrative personality well captured by big five traits with 6 added facets Message Your personality your stuck with it
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