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Lecture 9 The search for personal consistency Walter Mischel Psychologist from Columbia University1968 issue challenge to trait theorists for cross situation consistencyPpl who believe to be conscientious we can predict his conscientious consistency Cognitive affective system theory of personalityMischel ShodaWright 1994look at traitsbehavior across situation Individual differences in conditional probability across situation Ydisposition behavior we have 2 ppl went through the 12 different situationsreceive a score over these 12 situations as shown on the lineAn experiment that has 2 ppl went through 10 conscientious situations n we can see their conscientious behavior fluctuationsEven the 2 ppl have many fluctuation when undergoing through those situations the 2 ppl actual act quite similar Situationifbehaviorthenleading to a situation contingencyThese fluctuation is not random they should carefully consider study them CAPSMischel ShodaWright 1994Situations reliably trigger behavioral responses Cognitiveaffective units mediates the situations to behavior response Need to understand the psychological meanings of the situation for the individual in order to predict individuals behavior Variability in behavior across situations not random error that needs to be eliminated rather its important info that can give us clues abt underlying personality systemDescriptive situations Camp Woodworking Cabin meeting School Playground Classroom Home Mealtime Watching TV Interpersonal situations Peer approaches Peer teases Adult praises Adult warns Adult punishes Intraindividual situationbehavior profiles for verbal aggression Situation if peer teasedIndividual difference in behavior across situations less consistent than they are within the same psychological situationSituation if peer positive contact
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