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PSYC 340
Debra Ann Titone

Midterm Review Reading spans  Not just about reading ability  Also about information density  E.g., English versus Cantonese or Mandarin  Chinese smaller than English reading span  People with reading trouble have shorter reading spans Ambiguous words  Context important  Neutral or dominant meaning  Balanced  One of the meanings is not dominant  Unbalanced  One of the meanings is dominant Reading interventions (dr Robert savage)  Use of phenemic units during intervention  Use of rime units during intervention  Non-word pronunciation skills  Different interventions for language acquisition, but the ones that focus on phonetic and riming units helped with pronunciation skills Speed of phonological realizations  Homographs  Written same way but mean different things  E.g.  Construct  Live  Can effect speed of what’s being understood  Effected by context Rhythm, stress, and intonation of speech  Prosody  Not specific to any particular segment of speech or sound  Something that happens over a segment of speech  Supersegmental in that its covering different parts Spectograms  Darkness is amplitude  Three dimensional  Sometimes black and white  X axis  Time  Y axis  Frequency  Darkness  Intensity/amplitude Speech and the somatosensory system  Has to do with what we feel when we are producing sounds  uvula  affects airflow through the nasal cavity as it moves up and down  experiments where jaw protrudes a certain amount when making sound – offset minimally so that you could hear a different sound  found that over time the displacement they were trying to do  over time participants learned to adjust their jaw so that it feels comfortable/normals when speacking Disorders  Aphasia: any language impairment  Amusia: a musical disorder, involving a deficit in rhythm, melody, and or emotional processing  some people are afflicted by both  double dissociation  can have either or both Voice onset time (vot)  Both the /th/ sound in “that” & the /th/ sound in “thermometer: are interdental sounds  Both the /p/ sound in “potato” & the /b/ sound in “book” are bilabial sounds Identification and discrimination functions  S function  You can have 2 phonemes on a continuum and can vary voice onset times, but people hear it as one phoneme or the other depending on which side of the boundary of the continuum they hear the phoneme on.  All or nothing, hear one or the other  Hat function  Discrimination function  Change voice onset time little by little, not until you’re on the exact boundary between the two so
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