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post-midterm lecture 9

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PSYC 436
Irving Binik

November 10 Lecture Notes BIOLOGICAL VS ASSIGNED GENDER - can one turn a biologically normal XY(XX) into a normale female (male) through rearing? - John/Joan case - why didn't John Money inform us? - micropenis study (2 british urologists who didn't follow John Money's standards) - 1989: publish results on the effect of not correcting for micropenis - all gender identified as male - follow up attitude study (Meyer-Bahlber, 2004) - genetic XY intersex individuals (varying degrees and syndromes) - follow up attitude study on individuals from John Money study - 96 patients found, 72 answer questionaire - 85% said they were happy with their assigned gender - of that, 1/3 were unsure about their gender at some point in their life - 15% thought there should be a third gender - 67% thought that waiting until adulthood for corrective surgery was too late - ethical issues - how do we apply informed consent? do parents have the right to decide this? - micro-penis questionnaire: almost all men say they would rather be a man with a small penis, then be reared as a female - enlarged clitoris questionnaire: women's attitudes were more variable then mens - current practice CHERYL TRACE (1956) - indeterminate genitalia at birth - labeled a male at birth, reared as a male - true hermaphrodite (both testicular and ovarian tissue) - found medical records at age 19 - became a women, after being reared as a boy - very successful professionally, married and living with a woman - view: do not do do gender operations, accept the child in it's unusual form => medical view: accepted attitude, but not clinically/socially practical DISORDERS OF SEXUAL DEVELOPMENT (2006 consensus conference) - rename intersex (disorder would allow it to be covered under insurance etc) - new classification reassignment - complete androgen insensitivity syndrome (XY) & congenital adrenal hyperplasia (XX) => assigned female gender - most cases to medical knowledge, identify as female - 5 Alpha Reductase (XY) => assigned male gender - vast majority identify as males - micropenis => assigned male gender - appearance altering surgery is not urgent - multidisciplinary teams to decide IS GENDER A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT? - partial? - biological influence? CROSS DRESSING/TRANSVESTISM TRANSVESTISM =. Magnus Hirschfeld (1910) - denoted people who crossed dressed for psychiatric purposes (stayed away from any biological undertone) - every day usage DIAGNOSTIC CRiTERIA FOR 302.2 TRANSVESTIC FETISHISM A. over a pe
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