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Religious Studies
RELG 204
Charles Douglas Fletcher

Identification32100 20 Q choose 16 12 sentencesHerod known as Herod the greatking of Judeatried to kill Jesus by ordering the death of all children under age 2 in Bethlehem according to the new testament Great is controversial as he killed rabbis and his familySadducees a sectgroup of Jews that were active during the second temple period Sect fulfilled various political and social and religious roles maintaining the templePharisees political partysocial movementsecond temple period Many conflicts arose between them and the Sadducees Later rabbis as being important transmitters of early traditions recalled some teachers They are identified with group known as the PhariseesThe later rabbis recall at least some Pharisees as being important transmitters of ancient tradition Pharisees contributed to ancestral tradition which was not written the Mosaic Torah but somehow governed its application to life Essenes Jewish sect of the second temple period there were fewer in number than the Sadducees or Pharisees This sect congregated in communal life dedicated to daily immersion voluntary poverty and abstinence rom worldly pleasures Septuagint Greek for seventy It refers to the thirdcentury BCE translation of the Torah into It refers to the third century since Jews of Egypt became comfortable the language of Greek culture of Hellenized Egypt the Torah and other Hebrew writings were translated into the language This collection which came to be called the Septuagint gathered together many works not found in later versions of the Hebrew Bible In Orthodox East where Greek was spoken literate Christians could read the New Testament in the original SeptuagintImperium power to commandpower of authority Sovereignty of the state over the individual Orthodox orthodox collective term covering 2 branches of Christianity which emphasize their unbroken connection to the faith doctrine and practices of the ancient Christian church Orthodoxy 1 correct belief True teachingas opposed to falsehood Greek orthodxos having the right opinion 2 The common tradition of the Eastern Christian Churches Catholic 1 Literal meaning universal 2 Pertaining to the church led by the Pope at Rome also known as the Roman Catholic Church Gnostic dualistic belief that the material world should be shunned and the spiritual world should be embraced They valued enlightenment salvation emancipation and oneness with god Some say that it predated ChristianityGreek gnosis knowledge The vast majority of Gnostics were dualists that is they believed that human beings were spiritual entities trapped in an evil material world that they could be freed or saved only through secret knowledge Gnosticism describes a certain approach to religion that was prevalent in the early Christian era In the book Broad term applied to a wide variety of dualistic sects principally in late antiquity that conceived of existence in terms of dialectic between good and evil in which the spiritual was associated with goodness and the material with evil and that promised redemption through knowledge of the hidden secret structures of the cosmos Greek gnosis knowledgeSalvation history seeks to understand the personal redemptive activity of god within human history Psalms book of psalmsbook of the Hebrew and Christian bible and the zabur 150 poems that express virtually the full range of Israels religious faith Kerygma Greek word used in the New Testament for preachingDidache teaching of the 12 apostles early brief Christian treatise Evangelist 1 Any of the four authors of the Christian Gospels 2 Title employed by various Protestant preachers and missionaries Gospel these are the four separate accounts of Jesus story Mathew Mark Luke and John The English word gospel means good news from the word godspel It is important to note the fact that four different early Christian communities saw fit to tell the same story from four different perspectives The gospels are not detailed historical narratives of Jesus life but rather they are accounts of salvation history and they are testimonies of faith Though they tell the story of His public ministry and of his death they also tell of his resurrection and his imminent return and of the ways in which he fulfilled the prophecies of the Hebrew ScripturesEpistle writing directed or sent to a person or group of people Apostle 12 apostles selected by Jesus After Jesus resurrection he sent 1113 to spread his teaching thActs 5 book of the New Testament acts of the apostles It outlines the history of apostolic ageLectionary booklistings that contain a collection of scripture appointed for Christian or Judaic worship on a given day or occasion Passion the events and physicalmentalspiritual suffering of Jesus in the hours before and including his trial and execution by crucifixion
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