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Midterm 1 abbreviated lecture notes

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McGill University
Sociology (Arts)
SOCI 265
Lindsay John

Soci 265 abbrev midterm notes Realism  Presuppositions o No higher govnt than state o Sates can calculate and have the same level of capability at it o States want to maximize power, econ, stability etc  Balance of powe ris important  Problems: o Not all states rationalize the same o States aren’t always a given o Capstone vs organic states o States came from war to begin with  Types: o Fundamentalist  humans are nasty and want to fight o Structural  lack of govnt brings wa o Constitutional  the constitution of states ( the wealthy/greedy control states) is what cause war, if states of defensive they wont have ar  Ex. o Bismark wanted to prevent war on two fronts o Frederic the great always changing allies Liberalism  Doyle  liberal states dont fight eachother (almost true) o Does aknowledge how they are mean to others though  Liberalism challenges realism  Kant o 3 things to prevent war  Govt must be republics  Needs to be a treaty between liberal states  These states must be open to outsiders (free trade etc) o Kant likes states  creastes diversity o Also believes that liberal states can never just band together and attack non liberal states  Counter arguments o Trade  UK and germany were trading partners o Republic  the people loved the war thatcher sent agians the faulklands, ethnic cleansing is always popular at the time, in US pres goes up in pop when declares a war o Treaties?  monnet makes the steel and coal deal with the UK, is this just a realist deal though?  Ideally you apply realism to liberalism in order to add checks and balances o What makes liberalism great is its institutuins of checks on the govnt  Needs to be more regarding war however  Poli vs evon o Poli lib  individual freedom and the state represents them, respct other countries citizens o Econ lib  free trade Hegemonic stability theory  Hegemonic powers must be liberal leaders, insist upon free trade, provide a top currency, absorb the excess product of the world economy  Competition to be the hegemon creates problems for all the above  Being the hegemon is not very rewarding o Must have huge military costs to stay hegemonic o Hurts your econ when others dont have the same expense Nationalism  One type is a group within another trying to get out and be their own thing  The other is a new state tryi
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