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SOCI 307 Mid Term

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Sociology (Arts)
SOCI 307
Marcos Ancelovici

SOCI 307 S OCIOLOGY OF G LOBALIZATION M ID -TERM TAKE -H OME EXAM Prof. Marcos Ancelovici October 29-November 2, 2012 This exam will count for 30% of the final course grade. You have two options: OPTION 1 : Select one question out of the two questions on Rivoli's book and then one question out of the two questions on Collins’s book. Write about 2.5 pages (double-spaced) for each question. OPTION 2 : Answer only question 5, comparing Rivoli and Collins, and write 5 double-spaced pages. When answering, try to be as straightforward as possible (so there’s no need to write an introduction and a conclusion). Make sure to refer to specific sections of each book (i.e., cite or quote the books to demonstrate that you have read them, even when you paraphrase the author; put differently, refer to page numbers). Avoid simply repeating what I said in class. Exams are due in the mailbox of the Sociology Department (Leacock 712) by Friday November 2 at 4pm. No delay will be tolerated. This is an exam, not a term paper. If you do not hand in your exam on time, you will lose 6 points out of 30 (so 20% of the
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