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Midterm Review

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Sociology (Arts)
SOCI 386
Anahi Hudon Morales

SOCI386ContemporarySocialMovementsmidtermFeb272014WhataresocialmovementsBasic featuresCollective actionmore than two people with goal in mindCollective identity and valuesconstantly changing and being negotiated Informaloccurs in public sphere not institutionalized political system Networks organizations communitysome degree of organization Seek changeresist changemain vehicle to resist socioeconomic political and cultural changeContentiousdisruptive techniques to challenge authorityothers interests Enduringepisodes emergence growth declinenot just one march Social institutional location and tacticsmodes of action importantcontext affects organizationmobilizationOppositionoften state restore order through confrontationinteraction between challengers and authoritySocial movementsencompassing definitioncollectivities acting with some degree of organization and continuity primarily outside of institutional organized channels for the purpose of challenging extant system of authority or resisting change in such systems in the organization society culture or world order of which they are part In this definition there is a lack of unity includes cultural and religious movements as well as movements that dont target the state takes into account every day routine actions complexity of objectives and targets its more open conception of change points to potential nonpolitical cases Disadvantages movements are everywhere no clear definition loss of conceptual specificity Central actor social movement organization SMOorganized component of a social movement usually a social movement is composed of many SMOsformal organization that shares movement goals Repertoires of actionset of available modes of action and claims making that activists have access to that will be similar in certain contextstraditional and modern repertories of action ex marches use of music performance humorHistorically constructeddepend on macro historical factorsShaped by prior experiences resources at hand and beliefsRelatively stable innovation at marginsstable and constraining but adaptable and modular Strategicrational actors know what to expectCosts of Collective Action Time consuming ExpensiveConsequencesex criminal record follows you or physical harm Psychologicalemotional stress Social ramificationsfriendsfamily might not support youWhydosocialmovementsemergegrowanddeclineRational Choice Perspectivecost benefit analysiscost of collective action higher than individual benefitsactivists are rational see its not worth participating Free Riding Problem Olsonyou dont need to participate individually to reap rewards of collective action Fostering participationoSmall group membership see they are making a change big groups dont see your contributionoSelective incentivesyou get something if you participate that other wont if they dont oMaterial and nonmaterial incentives Problems with perspectiveoDoesnt explain behaviours of those who do participate only those who dontoFocus on individualneglects structuring effect of social networks and organizations ex more likely to participate if your friend participate oDependent on economic conception of rationality oNo explanation of normalization and routinization oWritten at a time when there was an increase in protest events and participation Collective Behaviour TheoriesDurkheim Park BlumerCollective action will emerge when there is a breakdown of belief systems mechanisms of social control and routineestablished social arrangements creating individual grievances among people and they mobilize together due to thatfocus on strains generated by deficient social integration and social disruptionMass Society TheoryDurkheim oDangers of disruption of modern societysocial changes uproot people from their support environment ex industrialization leading to rural migration
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