SOCI 235 Study Guide - Comprehensive Final Exam Guide - Canada, Patent, Organisation For Economic Co-Operation And Development

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Introduction lecture: growth in productivity sept. 6th. Living standards, interested in that outcome (cid:271)e(cid:272)ause it(cid:859)s ho(cid:449) (cid:449)e get (cid:271)etter off. Gdp can be measured by summing these: expenditures (total expenditures required to buy final output) = consumption + investment + government + net exports, income = wages + rent + profits + interest. Expenditures can have spillover"s negative, or positive consequences to which no price is attached, pollution is an example of a negative outcome. It is still benefiting and influencing the gdp. Innovations in europe in the 17th century: the waterwheel used for a range of activities: grinding grain, hammering metal, pulping cloth for paper. Idea that nature should properly be subordinated to humans world is pliable, go out and mold it: 3. Linear rather than cyclical sense of time compatible with the idea of progress, time goes on and so does progress so we can expect it to get better: 2.

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