SOCI 250 Study Guide - Comprehensive Final Exam Guide - Canada, Quebec, Visible Minority

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The go-to/default: economic elite the supper rich. Scholars have shown that over time, elite culture has diffused. You knew they were elites; you didn"t even have to ask. There were even laws saying you cannot dress/live this way unless you have the status making you as an elite o canadian society vs. canadian culture. Culture has to have a reference point in order to compare it to others" o mcgill society vs. mcgill culture. Solutions to social problems: solutions often depend on ideology o poverty/unemployment o crime o inequality o environment o drugs/alcohol o the government decides on and implements solutions to social problems. Thus, we must understand what makes them act in certain ways. The government is the institution that can influence these policies. Differences that exist between countries, cities, provinces these 3 entities have different opinions on the matter each one of them has a particular way of seeing the problem and finding a solution and they disagree!

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