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ANTHROP 1AA3 Final: Domestication - Anthro

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Domestication: Big Questions: Why agriculture? Where, when, and how did it happen? Agricultural revolution? Or slow changes? What are the positivenegative outcomes of agriculture? The Mesolithic: Approximately 17,000 10,000 years ago Extinction of large game species Stop follow herds around Shift to broad spectrum collecting Small game Less nomadic populations Early evidence: 11,500 years ago With the Natufian people Tool kits for harvesting and grinding Intensive use of wild cereal grains Sites become more permanent Increased social complexity This evidence is in the middle east Israel, Palestine, Jordan People lived in rock shelters Made depressions in rock for storing grain Processed grain Earliest people to store surplus crops Stored barley, almonds, acorns, pistachios Cultivated, but didnt deliberately plant **NOTE: Origins of agriculture are not one localized event but spread around the globe. There are multiple centers of innovation. The Fertile Crescent: 11,000 10,000 years ago Lower Egypt to the Persian gulf, includes Mesopotamia Domesticated wheat and barley Climatic and ecological changes occur at the end of the ice age and peopleplantsanimals adapt Teosinte > Maize > Corn Domestication: When plants or animals become dependent upon human intervention for survival Theyre selected for certain traits by humans These traits are typically not beneficial for survival in the wild
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