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Tracy Prowse

L35: Final Exam Review Interconnected hypotheses that provide general explanations for natural or social phenomena are called: a. paradigms b. theories c. ideas d. facts e. ideologies Which of the following is a subject that anthropologists would potentially study? a. the religions and myths of Australian Aborigines b. health care in the United States c. ancient Native American villages d. all of the above e. A and B Anthropology focuses on the role of _________________ in shaping human behavior. a. biology b. values c. culture d. religion Which of the following is NOT a subfield of Anthropology? a. physical anthropology b. cultural anthropology c. linguistic anthropology d. interdisciplinary anthropology e. archaeology __________ is the study of material culture. a. Cultural anthropology b. Archaeology c. Paleoanthropology d. Museum curation Pasted from Monday, April 08, 2013 9:24 AM Monday April 29 - 2pm (2 hours) All MCQ IWC 3 (13) Worth 35%  Total 110 MCQ  No diagrams  ~40 questions from first part of the term  ~70 questions from midterm onwards Tips:  Focus on material covered in BOTH lectures and readings  Do review quizzes on AVENUE  Identify important concepts  Summarize important ideas/concepts  Don’t waste energy memorizing facts (% values, etc.) Topics before the midterm:  What is anthropology? (and its subfields)  The scientific method  Culture and disease  Illness and disease  Bioarchaeology and forensic anthropology  Don't worry about mr cochi Since the midterm:  Film "Codes of Gender"  Class material and Readings o Early humans p. 223-247 o Trends in globalization/development p. 270-282 o Sex and Gender p.40-52 o Gender in the archaeological records p.47-81 o Cultural aspects of food (meanings, food taboos) p.97-110 NOT: 102-107 o Subsistence p. 110-130 o Agricultures and animal domestication p. 131-150 Characteristics of Hominids  When and where  Bipedalism (earliest feature)  Manual dexterity  Large molar teeth (esp. back teeth)  Brain expansion Mosaic evolution Appearing at different times  Major features associated with bipedalism o Explanat
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