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McMaster University
Linda Scarangella

People in the armed forces are not considered migrants because they are based in one location. Your Answer: False 2. The Maya in Guatemala suffered from genocide during a 36-year civil war. Your Answer: True 3. Thousands of Maya refugees from the Guatemalan civil war fled to neighboring Belize. Your Answer: False 4. The continuous labor migration of a person from one place to another and then back is termed __________. Your Answer: wage labor migration 5. Within the Republic of Guatemala, the Maya Indians constitute about __________ percent of the country's population. Your Answer: 50 6. Funds that migrants send to their families back home are called __________. Your Answer: remittances 7. One aspect of the argument about the migration of laborers from Haiti to the Dominican Republic to cut cane is Your Answer: whether or not the migration is undertaken voluntarily. 8. A distinguishing feature of the "new immigration" is Your Answer: all of the above. 9. Among Salvadoran immigrants to Long Island, Your Answer: low-wage work that other Americans are unwilling to do is mainly the kind of work that Salvadorans can get. 10. The process by which immigrants help bring and settle relatives and fri
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