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Linda Scarangella

1. Prisons are most commonly found in state-level societies compared to other forms of political organization such as tribes. Your Answer: True 2. The Kurds have attempted to establish an independent state in the Middle East for decades with no success. Your Answer: True 3. To promote a sense of identity and loyalty in a state, one strategy is to avoid the use of any minority symbols in monuments and coats of arms. Your Answer: False 4. An example of a contemporary ethnic conflict discussed in the book is the __________. Your Answer: Central Asian States 5. The Silk Road connects the Central Asian States with the country of __________. Your Answer: China 6. The government of Turkey refers to the Kurds as __________. Your Answer: Mountain Turks 7. The leader of a band Your Answer: is little different from anyone else in the group. 8. The debate among anthropologists about warfare among the Yanomami people mainly concerns Your Answer: its causes. 9. Big-man/big-woman political leadership is most associated with which mode of livelihood? Your Answer: horticulture. 10. In contrast to norms which are a cultural universal, formal _________ that define proper behavior and that are binding, are mainly found in states. Your Answer: laws 11.
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