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James Stinson

Dear Editor of MailOnline RE: I h8 txt msgs: How texting is wrecking our language I do not agree with John Humphrys and his article on CMC, as aAnthropologist I do not agree with you. CMC and Instant messaging is not wrecking the English Language. IMessage, BBM, G-Chat, SMS, WhatsApp and etc. are all forms of communication, they may not be conventional types of communication, but they are still a form of communication. Writing emoticons, LOL’s and the short forms in emails and text may no be grammatically correct, but it is not destroying the English language. Emoticons, shorts forms and computer-mediated communication (CMC) are a new convention of communication. Perhaps it does not follow conventional grammatical rules, but that does not mean it is destroying the English language. In response to John Humphrys article “I h8 txt msgs: How texting is wrecking our language” I do not agree with what he has to say. CMC and instant messaging and other platforms of electronic communication is not destroying the English language, that is a grossly exaggeration as it has enhanced communication and CMC is new form of language. Many sociolinguistic, see this as a shift in style as well a integration of a speech community with CMC and numerous studies have showed that CMC has not caused the destruction of the English Language, but more individuals, use formal register when communicating thought the different methods of CMC and CMC and instant messaging is a new medium for communication which enhances communication and it could seen as a dialect. It is not hindering the English language, as John Humphrys suggest. st CMC also known as computer-mediated communication is taking the 21 century by storm, just in 2007 alone, 2 trillion instant messages were sent.(Kennedy 2008:41) There are no signs showing that CMC and other forms of instant messaging leaving. John Humphrys suggest in his article that CMC and instant messaging is hampering the English language, as he says “they are destroying it: pillaging our punctuation; savaging our sentences: raping our vocabulary.And they must be stopped”.(Humphrys 2007) That is a grotesque exaggeration, CMC and instant messaging is not destroying the English language and many studies suggest other wise. In many communities there is speech community and this refers to the set of rules and expectations regarding the use of language for a group of people. In the CMC world this is no exception to this rule , individual’s are expected to follow certain rules and these rules may not be the convectional English rules that John Humphrys is accustomed to, and perhaps he may not be accustomed to those rules and norms but certainly that does not mean the English language is being “pillaged and savaged”.(Humphrys 2007) Studies conducted by Naomi Baron in 2004 suggest that the use of intensifiers is far less then individuals assume, and in another research, specially teens, she found that “... IM is more conservative that is suggested by the press, mere 0.3% if the words had typical IM abbreviations, mere 0.3% of the words had typical IM abbreviations… and 0.4% represent emoticons” (Tagliamonte and Denis 2008: 8) Other research suggests the IM and CMC are more conservative then others assume, as research suggest “ …teenagers are much less likely to use intensifiers at all. Since the use of intensifiers is typically associated with colloquial usage and nonstandard variety, this suggest that IM is a more from register than speech” (Tagliamonte and Denis 2008: 17-18) However, this is not to say that teenagers do not use colloquial terms while IM and CMC, and these could be a variation on Focal Vocabulary, these new terms and distinction that people use in IM and CMC would have context for those individuals who understand these variation on words and it may not make any sense for John Humphrys because he is not not part of that group of individual’s who use this variety different vocabulary.As well it is a grotesque over exaggeration to assume that the English language is on the decline just because the OED dropped hyphens, dropping a hyphen does not mean the English langue is on the decline, hundreds of thousands of words have been dropped over the years and hundred of thousands of words ha
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