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Two major types of biochemical CARBS and FATS True or False From a functional standpoint proteins are not the most important biological structure FALSEFrom a functional standpoint proteins are the most important structure Locus he general position on the chromosome where the gene is located Pleiotrophy The condition where an allele codes for a protein with multiple effects Forces of EvolutionSelectionMutationGene FlowGenetic DriftRandom MatingGenetic variation between all humans should be about the same The Biocultural Perspective The interaction between biologyculture Darwins Theory Inherited traitsVariationCompetitionNatural selectionOverpopulationWhat is the Biocultural Approach Scientific exploration between human biology and cultureHow biology and culture interact with each other TF Genetic diversity is related to population size True TF Humans have relatively little genetic diversity compared to other mammal and primate speciesTrue Is blood type a genotypic or phenotypic trait Genotypic In phenotypic traits is there an interaction between genes and environment Yes There is What is an antigen A substance usually foreign to a body that triggers an immune responsecauses the production of antibodies What are the differences between A B and O blood typesAB are both dominant they have two versions of the protein antigens has no antigen Where is the A blood type allele most commonAustralia Europe Polynesia Inuit Where is the B blood type most common It is the rarest 16 of the worldMostly Asian populations Where is the O type most common Native American populations most common What are some hypotheses for blood type variation Haldane 1949 suggested natural selection specifically disease selectionType A bloodsome cancersType O bloodgastric ulcersMost of evidence though comes from infectious diseaseSome microbes may have antigens similar in structure to A B and H antigensImmune system may not recognize as invading organisms Do ABO blood groups show a clinal distributionYES Whatchromosome has the gene that codes for antigensA gene on chromosome 9 codes for antigens What is an antibody Proteins in blood plasma that react to a foreign substance entering the bodyPart of the normal Immune Response Disease selection and Blood TypeThough disease selection may be plausible in some cases cant forget that genetic drift and gene flow play important roles What happens when you add ANTIA serum ANTIA antibodies to type O blood Nothing What antigens does type O blood carry No antigen Blood Type ABlood Type B Antigen A Antigen B Antibody B Antibody ABlood Type AB Blood Type O Antigen AB Antigen None Antibody None AntibodyABCholera Poor Sanitation DiseaseDiahhreal caused by bacteriaEndemic in AsiaPeople with type O blood at greater risk low prevalence of type O in areas where Cholera is endemic Blood types in Chimpanzees A is commonO is rareB is nonexistant Blood Types in Gorillas B is most commonA is rareO is nonexistant What blood types is Tertiary syphilis more common among A B AB Do ABO blood groups show a clinal distribution YesDisease may be a partial selective force for ABO blood groupGrowth isNonlinear
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