ANTHROP 1AA3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Khanith, Stoicism, Heterosexuality

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What is anthropology: anthropos=humankind and logia=study of, the systematic study of humankind. The subfields of anthropology: physical, archaeology, cultural, linguistics and applied anthropology. Applied anthropology: includes the 4 subfields of anthropology. Cultural anthropology: the study of contemporary cultures and societies, culture is defined as transmitted, learned behavior, methodology: participant observation, interviews, ethnography: a description of an aspect of culture within a society. Archaeology: the study of past societies and their cultures using material remains. Linguistic anthropology: studies the construction and use of language by human societies, structural linguistics: how language works, sociolinguistics: relationship between language and social behaviour in different cultures, historical linguistics: how languages relate to each other; change. Physical anthropology: studies all aspects of the biology and behavior of the human species, specialize in a variety of areas like primatology or osteology. Primatology: study of primates like gorillas, orangutans, chimps. Osteology: study of human skeletal material (intermediaries) Paleoanthropology: study of the human fossil record.

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