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ANTHROP 1AA3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Forensic Anthropology, Linguistic Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology

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Tracy Prowse
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L35: Final Exam Review
Interconnected hypotheses that provide general explanations for natural or social phenomena are called:
a. paradigms
b. theories
c. ideas
d. facts
e. ideologies
Which of the following is a subject that anthropologists would potentially study?
a. the religions and myths of Australian Aborigines
b. health care in the United States
c. ancient Native American villages
d. all of the above
e. A and B
Anthropology focuses on the role of _________________ in shaping human behavior.
a. biology
b. values
c. culture
d. religion
Which of the following is NOT a subfield of Anthropology?
a. physical anthropology
b. cultural anthropology
c. linguistic anthropology
d. interdisciplinary anthropology
e. archaeology
__________ is the study of material culture.
a. Cultural anthropology
b. Archaeology
c. Paleoanthropology
d. Museum curation
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