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Mesolithic: culture period between palaeolithic and neolithic (approx. 17-12,000 ya: extinction of many large-game species, broad spectrum revolution: exploitation of smaller animals (including sh, less nomadic. The neolithic (from 12,000 ya: the original of agriculture, happened at different times worldwide, independently. Early evidence natu an: ~11,500 ya, tool kits for harvesting and grinding, intensive use of wild cereals, sites - more permanent, increased social complexity. Assyrian empires: a staple food (gruel, bread, and fermented to make beer, domesticated wheat grains are larger, seeds remain attached to the ear by a toughened rachis during harvesting. Wild is smaller, with little to no hairs ying around. When plants and animals become dependant upon human intervention for survival. Unconscious: natural selection, species response to human activities. Methodical: selective breeding, generally after initial domestication. Maize: from spanish form of indigenous taino word maize, domesticated variant of teosinte, maize = single tall stalk with multiple leaves.

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