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McMaster University
Art History
Sally Mc Kay

Art History Exam NotesWestern Art Timeline with an associated artwork or artist for each era1 Archaic 700480 BC The Kore and Kouros statues2 High Classical 450400 BC the ParthenonPolykleitos Canon on proper human proportions in sculpted form3 Hellenistic 323331 BC Laocoon and his sons statue4 Etruscan 67550 BC Head of a man traditionally known as Brutus5 Roman Augustus of Prima Porta6 Byzantine Christ Enthroned Flanked by Angels7 Romanesque The Virgin and Child by Master of Pedret8 Gothic Chartres Cathedral9 High Renaissance The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo10 Northern Renaissance Ghent Altarpiece Adoration of the Mystic Lamb by the van Eyck brothers11 Mannerism The Madonna of the Long Neck by Parmigianino12 Baroque Rembrandt 13 Rococo The Stolen Kiss by Fragonard14 Neoclassicism JacquesLouis David15 Romanticism Liberty Leading the People by Delacroix16 Realism Bonjour Monsieur Courbet by Courbet17 Impressionism Claude Monet18 Cubism Violin and Candlestick by Georges BraqueComparison of Botticellis Birth of Venus and Titians Venus of Urbino including descriptions of their physical properties visualformal properties content and cultural contextsBirth Of VenusPhysical Properties 172 m x 278 m 1 panel of rectangular shape tempera on canvas VisualFormal Properties Venus is slightly to the right of center isolated against the background unobstructed by any other figures slight tilt of the head elongated neck contrappostolike stance nude but attempts to cover herself in a gesture of modesty to the left of Venus is Zephyr holding Aura who is blowing her toward the shore where Horae god of the seasons is awaiting her with a cloakContent Botticelli was inspired by poet Angelo Polizianos stanzas which were based on an ode by Hesiod in this story we see the aftermath of Venus creation it is a classical myth that at the time of the Renaissance Italians were trying to capture the former glory of RomeVenus of UrbinoPhysical Properties 119 m x 165 m 1 panel of rectangular shape oil on canvasVisualFormal Properties A nude Venus is reclining on a bed in the surroundings of a Renaissance palace accompanied by a sleeping dog she is presented in the foreground of the
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