ARTHIST 2A03 Study Guide - Comprehensive Midterm Guide: Gelatin, Daniel Chester French, Linoleum

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Required textbook (don"t matter) sylvan barnet, a short guide to writing about art 11th ed (pearson 2014) (online) duane preble, etc artforms 11th ed in revel digital format https://console. pearson. com/enrollment/j8jr46. 1st paper: formal analysis (20%) due october 17. Online assignment on revel (10%) due october 25. Online assignments on revel (10%) due november 28. Literacy is something that must be acquired, but visual implies you just see. Academic skills in visual literacy come wiith being able to argue that what you see has some validity. What you see potentially means this" and not that". The skill of looking, thinking and verbalizing to your peers. Aunt jemima is a drawing not a photograph. We perceive the second image as an old image and as a racist. No equal civil rights but not a slave, she is a servant now. Clear allusions of racism and poor class of the black woman.

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