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Astronomy 2B03 Exam NotesPracticeMidterm Questions 1 The star Betelgeuse is about 500 light years away from us If this star underwent a supernova explosion right now how long would it be until we found out about it a almost immediatelyb 8 minutes c 10 years d 500 years e 500 light years2 The expression order of magnitude corresponds to a one factor of ten b one factor of twoc a factor of 25 d two factors of ten e none of the above 3 The distances of nearby stars can be measured by observing their apparent motion as a the Earth orbits around the Sunb the Earth rotates on its axis c the Sun orbits around the center of the Galaxy d the planets cross their path e they orbit the Sun 4 If the Sun were suddenly replaced by a black hole of the same mass the Earth would a remain in the same orbitb move into a smaller orbit c move off the current orbit in a straight line d be pulled into the black hole e be burned to a crisp5 When you are on the top floor of a building your weight iswhen you are on the ground floor a much greater thanb slightly greater thanc equal to d slightly less thane much less than 6 What causes light from a star to be Dopplershifted a the distance between us and the star b the gas and dust between us and the star c the speed of the star toward or away from us d temperature differences between us and the star e the change in the speed of light as the star moves toward or away from us7 We can detect the Doppler effect by a measuring the shift in distance of the star b taking photographs six months apart c measuring brightness d measuring the shift in wavelength of a spectral line e measuring the transfer of momentum to the interstellar medium8 Suppose the universe were not expanding but was in some kind of steady state How should galaxy recession velocities correlate with distance They shoulda be directly proportional to distance b reverse the trend we see today and correlate inversely with distance c show a scatter plot with most recession velocities positive d show a scatter plot with equal numbers of positive and negative recession velocitiese none of the above9 Suppose the Hubble Constant were measured and found to be twice as large as it is now believed to be The maximum age of the universe in a Big Bang model would be a halved b the samec doubledd squared10 From the spectrum of a stars light we can learn a that all stars are made up of hydrogen mostly b the numerical value of Plancks constantc the numerical value of Hubbles constantd the parallax of the star e none of the above11 Galaxies a all have a spirallike structure b are gradually shrinking under their own gravity c are gradually expanding by the action of Hubbles Lawd can be bigger than the Milky Way is e all of the above12 Which of the following characteristics does NOT apply to giant elliptical galaxiesa rapidly rotating b low rate of star formation c lacking spiral arms d found in the centres of galaxy clusters
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