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Laura Parker

Journal #1: Mars One/Terraforming Mars Mars One is a non-for-profit organization that is attempting to develop and advocate a human arrangement on Mars. This is a major life-changing event that would be the first to have humans go to a certain destination with not only no intention of returning, but with no hope or choice of coming back. With this settlement, human's are sealing the deal on never seeing their loved ones, leaving everything they know and are accustomed to, and embarking on a new journey which will include major changes of way of living. There is no clear vision or promise as to what will happen on the red planet making it that much more perilous in my opinion. Way of living will be the most drastic change as these individuals wont ever be able to do the same things they have been doing all their life on Earth. It's quite dumbfounding that they wont be able to walk, eat, drink, exercise the same and will have to adjust to the new gravity and new overall methods of living and existing. In addition to all of this however, I believe these so called "Martians" need to posses certain characteristics to even stand
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