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McMaster University
Laura Parker

Journal #4 Significance of Felix Baumgartner Space Jump stats and info taken from: baumgartner-red-bull-stratos-parachute-jump/ It has been one year since the Red Bull Stratos team launched its YouTube worldwide marketing initiative to showcase the epic, record breaking 130,000 ft. freefall. Felix, an Austrian skydiver, stepped up to the plate in hopes to break three existing world records set by two 20th century astronauts. Jumping from an altitude beyond imaginable, Felix and the Stratos team provided more to the world than a stunt jump. At first glance, the video seems like a Red Bull advertisement but what went on behind the scenes is truly admirable. The space suit that Baumgartner wore was designed specifically for the free fall and every little detail had to be perfect such as wind resistance and material selection. Although this is a sky diving suit, Stratos hopes to inspire the next generation of space suits. They include a lightweight shell, a fog and ice free visor, a pressure shell to prevent ebullism (when liquids in tissues turn to gas at 62,000 ft.), a vent to stabilize inner temperature, and a double lock to prevent the visor from opening. There were nume
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