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McMaster University
Laura Parker

Journal #3 Is Global Warming a Real Problem? If we are Responsible, Why Don't we Care? It is evident that global warming, and climate change in general, is occurring on Earth but is it something to be worried about? Are humans the cause and should there be a continuous strive for preventative measures? I was first introduced to the issue of global warming in my grade seven science class when we had to watch former vice President Al Gore's film entitled "The Inconvenient Truth" which was filmed during his campaign for presidency. This movie proposed the problem of global warming and the consequences that could arise if human's didn't make changes in their day-to-day lives. At the time, this issue was a huge concern and there were many advocates trying to spread the word at an attempt to get people to adjust to a more sustainable lifestyle. Having said that, today there is little discussion and apprehension about global warming, and the slight change that did take place has since diminished to such a degree that it causes me to wonder... what happened? And again, are we really the problem, because if we are, then why don't we care? From my understanding, there are two possible factors that could be put to blame for global warming - human's and their heavy reliance on energy causing greenhouse gases, or natural causes. Exemplified through the progress made in the world, humans have a tendency to explore the space around them and make new inventions causing increasing industrialization, without much thought or fear towards the consequences the environment may face. This blame could be further put on Earth's increasing population which gives ground for more products and services, thereby causing an increase in pollution in order to sustain the population. Accordingly, a rising population leads to more trees being cut down in order to deliver more products, which results in less carbon dioxide being removed from the atmosphere. We have been provided with resources to
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