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Laura Parker

Journal #4 Asteroid Mining In my opinion, asteroid mining is quite an interesting topic because of the revolutionary aspect of it. Who could have guessed that capturing an asteroid from space and bringing it to Earth would ever be possible? Well, according to CBC, this project will become reality and officially launch by 2015 (CBC, 2013). The topic was first introduced to me when we spoke of the asteroid "Eros" in lecture while learning about asteroids and the asteroid belt. I felt as if these "small planets" had to serve some sort of purpose, or at least be of some value, which led me to conduct further research and discover that asteroid's actually have potential to be of immense significance if they were brought to Earth. Asteroid's contain valuable minerals and metals such as nickel, iron, magnesium, and could even have gold and platinum (Bonsor, 2000)! Personally I think the most shocking aspect of this whole idea is the abundance of these resources that certain scientists and organizations believe reside on certain asteroids. To expand, according to Bonsor, a NASA proposed their belief that the total value of minerals on asteroids that reside in the asteroid belt can potentially surpass $100 billion for each and every individual that resides on Earth (Bonsor, 2000). In order to actually do this though there needs to be development of spacecrafts that can carry miners and land on asteroids to actually be able to start harvesting. However, as certain asteroid's are moving even closer to us than the actual moon itself, the time needed to create these and the amount of energy/fuel needed to operate them shouldn'
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