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Lovaye Kajiura

Lecture 2 Sept 10September06121058 PM Mastering Biology Course IDBIO1A03 Fall 2012MBKAJIURA08457 Go onto Avenue and check lecture outlinesLook for study questions for test 1 Chapter 3Protein Structure and Function Monomer subunit of a polymerPolymer large molecule composed of several connected subunitsMacromolecules large organic polymersMillers SparkDischarge ExperimentProvides support for chemical evolution by stimulating Earths conditionGases were heated methane ammonia and hydrogenSources of energy occurred lightening etcAble to find monomer units Murchison Meteorite landed in AustraliaOutside surface was analyzed and monomer units were found on the outsideMay have been contaminated when entering Earths surfaceLife could have been somewhere down in the ocean hydrothermal ventsMay have been from space Amino Acid StructureNonionized has a carboxyl group with OH group and amino group with NH2Ionized has a carboxyl group with O and amino group with NH3 3 CategoriesPolarNonPolarElectrically Charged IsomersStructural Isomers differ in order which the atoms are attachedGeometric isomers differ in the arrangement of atoms around the double bonds cis and transOptical Isomers stereoand a mirror image of one another Should be able to identifyStructureFunctionSignificanceLecture 3 Sept 12September1012325 PM First Mastering Biology completed by the 17th Summary Table 31 Protein FunctionsProtein Type and Role in Cell or Organism In figure 36 clearly shows hydrolysis and condensation reactionsCondensation or Dehydration synthesismonomer in water outHydrolysis water in monomer out Do not need to study enzyme reactions section in textbook that is not covered in lecture outline Protein StructurePrimary 1 Structureuniquespecific amino acid sequence encoded in DNAspecificity in functionfolding conformationA single change in an amino acid sequence can cause sickle cell disease and other diseasesSecondary 2 Structureahelixbpleated sheetgo home and provide real world examplesStructural Strength60 of a polypeptide structure is ahelix or bpleated sheetTertiary 3 Structurehydrogen bonds between side chainshydrophobic interactionsdisulfide bonds get brokeninteraction between different R groupsQuaternary 4 Structureshape of a complex aggregate protein that is attributed to the 3D arrangement of its subunits33 PROTEIN STRUCTURE PrionsPrions are improperly folded proteinsprions are infectious proteins have ability to highjack other proteins when they come in contact with themex Mad cow disease they even burned the carcasses so that the prionsdisease couldnt spreadRepressor proteins keep cancer genes inactive Chaperonin1Unfolded polypeptide enters in chaperonin2Cap of chaperonin attaches to end and creates hydrophilic environment for folding of polypeptide3Cap comes off and properly folded polypeptide is released Lecture 4 Sept 13
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