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EcosystemsNPP the synthesis of organic compounds from atmospheric or acquous CO2biomass organic compounds that non photosynthetic organisms feed ondetrivorous food chain depicts the food chain of only decomposers and the organic matter that they feed offgrazing food chain normal food chain that depicts the primary producers being eaten by consumersfood webs show the movement of energy through an ecosystemecosystem a community and its abiotic factorssoil temperature etcabiotic factors primary producers consumers and detrivors x only 10 of energy is passed on up the food chainnot ingested not digested excerted lost as heat from respirationdetrivores feed on decaying matter detriusx if ALGEA acts as the primary producer in a marine habitat the energy transfered is much greaterx biomass is greatest at low trophic levels and decreases as one goes up the trophic leveltop down control is when a consumer limits the prey population hawks eat lots of pigeons causing the pigeon population to decline hence the consumer is limiting the prey populationtrophic cascade may result if there are changes to the top down control These changes will cause noticable effects down the food chain may cause some populations to decline and others to increasebiomagnification when certain molecules increase in concentration the higher you go up the food chain the once
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