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Lovaye Kajiura

Names of microorganisms or groups of microorganisms that may appear in the final exam of BIO 2EE3 Agaricus bisporus –edible bacidiomycete mushroom Agrobacterium tumefaciens – bacteria that can infect plants with its Ti plasmid Bacillus – endospore forming, aerobic rods. Anthracis and subtilis for example. Bacteroidetes – obligate anaerobes that digest complex plant carbs in our gut; most common organism in human feces Candida – a genus of yeast. Some species such as C. albicans are found in the gut. Chlamydia – C. trachomatis causes STD while C. pneumoniae causes pneumonia; reticulate body is more harmful than elemental body Chlamydomonas – unicellular flagellate green algae Clostridium – fermicutes/actinobacteria botulinum and tetani for example Cyanobacterium – phylum of photosynthesizing bacteria Deinococcus radioduran – even though it’s not thermophilic, it is classified as a deep branching thermophile because of its 16 S rRNA sequence. Resistant to radiation. Escherichia coli – Gamma proteobacteria; model gram negative bacteria Halobacterium – Euryarchaeota that lives in hypersaline environments. Rhodopsin produces ATP when struck by light; rhodopsin 1 absorbs blue light while rhodopsin 2 absorbs red light. Blue light = harmful, swim away; Red light = good, swim toward. Helicobacter – Epsilon Proteobacteria that causes stomach ulcers; converts urea into ammonium to withstand low stomach pH Human Immunodeficiency Virus – retroviral lentivirus (slow incubation) with 2 copies of single stranded DNA; attaches to CD4 surface protein
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