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Brock Biology of Microorganisms 11e C closed systemMadiganMartinkoD nucleoid systemChapter 1 Microorganisms and MicrobiologyAnswer B 1Which statement is not true as a general7Changes in cellular characteristics are rule transmitted to offspring through the process ofA Microbial cells exist as single cells or in cell A chemical signalingclustersB reproductive initiativeB Microbial cells carry out their life processes C evolutionindependentlyD none of the aboveC Microbial cells include both bacteria and Answer Cviruses 8Catalysts involved in the acceleration of the D Microbial cells exclude the cells of plants and rate of chemical reactions are calledanimalsA catalytic convertersAnswer CB growth agents 2Basic microbiology can be used toC evolutionary moleculesA probe the nature of life processesD enzymesB study biochemical properties common to all Answer Dcells 9Regarding early life on EarthC model our understanding of cell function in A Microbial life existed on Earth for billions of higher organismsyears before plant and animal lifeD all of the aboveB Microbial life existed on Earth long before Answer Danimals but has been around for about the same3Applied microbiology deals with problems inamount of time as plantsA medicineC Microbial life plant life and animal life all B agricultureappeared at about the same timeC industryD It is impossible to determine which type of life D all of the abovefirst appeared on EarthAnswer DAnswer A 4The greatest source of biomass on Earth10Most prokaryotic cells residecomes fromA on the Earths surfaceA prokaryotic cellsB in the Earths lakes rivers and oceansB plantsC in and on nonprokaryotic organisms C animalsincluding humans and other animalsD plants and animals togetherD in the oceanic and terrestrial subsurfacesAnswer AAnswer D 5The cells genetic information is found in the 11The person who described the wee A cell membraneanimalcules wasB nucleus or nucleoidA HookeC cytoplasmB van LeeuwenhoekD none of the aboveC PasteurAnswer BD Cohn 6Because the cell communicates exchanges Answer Bmaterials with its environment and undergoes12Fannie Hesse is credited with giving change it is called an the ideas for using agar as a A ancestral systemsolidifying agentB dynamic entityA PasteurB CohnD aquatic microbiologyC KochAnswer AD Winogradsky 19Microbial sterilization is used toAnswer CA decrease the possibility of contaminants13Which of the following isare characteristic growing in a cultureof cellular organismsB kill bacteria but not necessarily viruses or other A MetabolismmicrobesB ReproductionC kill all microbes in or on objectsC CommunicationD clean a work areaD All of the aboveAnswer CAnswer D 20Flat covered dishes used for growing14Which of the following is not a major microbes are most commonly calledecosystemA Petri dishesA AquaticB baker dishesB TerrestrialC sterilization platesC AtmosphericD culture medium platesD Higher organisms both plant and animalAnswer AAnswer C21Microbes playing a role in nitrogen fixation15Which statement is truein plants live inwhile those playing a A Populations are assemblages of microbial role in the digestive tract of certain herbivores live communitiesin B Microbial communities are assemblages of A rumensnodulespopulationsB nodulesrumensC Habitats are assemblages of microbial C nodulesfortranscommunitiesD fortransrumensD Populations are assemblages of habitatsAnswer BAnswer B 22Genetic engineering could best be described16The export of US beef to foreign markets aswas shut down in 2003 due toA the creating of life from nonlifeA AIDSB the artificial manipulation of genes and their B smallpoxproductsC tuberculosisC the treating of diseases with synthetic drugsD mad cow diseaseD the expansion of the biomass to meet specific Answer Dneeds 17During a very scientifically productive Answer Bperiod in his life Pasteur developed vaccines for 23The ultimate downfall of the theory of A anthraxspontaneous generation was the result of work byB fowl choleraA PasteurC rabiesB KochD all of the aboveC HookeAnswer DD Leeuwenhoek 18The discovery of antibiotics and other Answer Aimportant chemicals led to the field of 24A Pasteur flask has anA industrial microbiologyA swan neck to prevent air particles from getting B agricultural microbiologyinto the main body of the flaskC marine microbiologyB double neck so two substances may be added D bacterial energeticsat the same timeAnswer BC secondary opening at the base to allow for31Viruses that attack bacteria are known asdrainageA bacterial consumersD inverted upper edge to prevent spillage while B bacteriophagesswirlingC microphagesAnswer AD viroids 25Kochs greatest accomplishment in the field Answer Bof medical bacteriology was with 32Without microorganisms all higher life A Escherichia coliforms on Earth would cease to existB Bacillus subtilisAnswer TRUEC Mycobacterium tuberculosis 33Most microorganisms are pathogenicD Bacillus cereusAnswer FALSEAnswer C 34All microorganisms require molecular26A pure cultureoxygen to carry on life functionsA is sterileAnswer FALSEB has only one type of organism growing in or35Metabolism is common to all living on itorganismsC is made of a clearly defined chemical mediumAnswer TRUED was cultured for a certified stock culture 36According to our present understanding Answer Beach of the major domains has what is known as27Beijerinck was the first to isolateits own universal ancestorA many soil and aquatic microorganismsAnswer FALSEB certain aerobic nitrogen fixing bacteria 37Microbiology as a distinct science did not C certain sulfate reducing bacteriadevelop until the eighteenth centuryD all of the aboveAnswer FALSEAnswer D 38The location in an environment where a28Chemolithotrophy involves thepopulation lives is the habitatA oxidation of organic compoundsAnswer TRUEB oxidation of inorganic compounds 39Differentiation occurs only in multicellular C reduction of organic compoundsorganismsD metabolic autotrophyAnswer FALSEAnswer B 40The study of nutrients that microorganisms 29Advances in immunology and medical require is known as microbial systematicsmicrobiology are most specifically practical Answer FALSEextensions of the work of 41Smallpox is a major killer in parts of the A Winogradskydeveloping worldB LeeuwenhoekAnswer FALSEC Lister 42Winogradsky worked with soil bacteria D Kochinvolved in cycling nitrogen and sulfurAnswer DAnswer TRUE 30Microbial control in wastewater treatment43The four macromolecules common to all plants would most logically be a part ofcells areA microbial geneticsand B microbial ecologyAnswer proteinlipidcarbohydratenucleic C microbial technologyacid any order
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