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One of the key signatures that aids in the search of planets in the vast empty environment of the universe.docx

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Hannah Holmes

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Name Maninder ChahalStudent Number 1142376 Planet discovered without a StarOne of the key signatures that aids in the search of planets in the vast empty environment of the universe is to look for the wobbling or dimming of a host star which the planet is orbiting around Strangely during the search for the failed stars known as brown stars a freefloating planet dubbed PSO J318522 was discoveredThe planet is just 80 lightyears away from Earth and has a mass only six times that of Jupiter and what is astonishing is the fact that the planet is not orbiting a star It seemed to have formed 12 million years ago which is fairly novel when considering planet lifetimes PSO J318522 was initially identified from its faint and distinct heat signature by PanSTARRS 1 PS1 telescope in Haleakala Maui Observations from other telescopes in Hawaii reveal that the planet consists of properties analogous to those of gas giant planets
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