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Jurek Kolasa

How to Read Research PapersReading research papers primary articles is partly a matter of experience and skill and partly learning the specific vocabulary of a field First of all DONT PANIC If you approach it step by step even an impossiblelooking paper can be understood1 Skimming Skim the paper quickly noting basics like headings figures and the like This takes just a few minutes Youre not trying to understand it yet but just to get an overview2 Vocabulary Go through the paper word by word and line by line underlining or highlighting every word and phrase you dont understand Dont worry if there are a lot of underlinings youre still not trying to make sense of the article Now you have several things you might do with these vocabulary and concept questions depending upon the kind of question each is You canLook up simple words and phrases Often the question is simply vocabulary A textbook may be a good source because it gives more complete explanations Get an understanding from the context in which it is used Often words that are used to describe the procedures used in an experiment can be understood from the context and may be very specific to the paper you are reading Of c
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