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Jurek Kolasa

Biochemistry 2EE3Metabolism and Physiological Chemistry 2014 Course OutlineInstructorDr Boris S ZhorovOffice HSC4H30E Teaching AssistantsYlan NguyenTel 9055259140 x 26583Email nguyeymcmastercaUyen NguyenTel 9055259140 x 26583Email nguyenumcmastercaLeticia GonzalesTel 9055212100 x 40726Email gonzallamcmasterca Purpose To provide a brief introduction to proteins enzymes and gene expression followed by a more detailed treatment of energy and intermediary metabolism with emphasis on physiological chemistryLearning objectives Understanding principles of structure and function of biological macromolecules energy production and utilization by living organisms metabolic pathways and mechanisms of integration and regulation of metabolismEvaluation of student performance will be based on two tests and the final examination Because of the large class no questions will be answered during the testsexamination If you suspect an ambiguity in a question please choose your best guess and Email the problem to the instructor after the testexamination The final grade will be calculated as follows first test 29 second test 29 final examination 42No makeup tests will be offered If you miss a test and your request for relief of the missed Academic work is approved the final grade will be calculated as follows a test 40 the final examination 60 Test marks will be posted on LearnLink via the last five digits of the student By attending classes the student is agreeing to this method of grades disclosurePercentage grades will be converted to letter grades as followsLetterLetterLetterLetterLetter 10090 A 7977 B 6967 C 5957 D 490 F 8985 A 7673 B 6663 C 5653 D 8480 A 7270 B 6260 C 5250 D All percentage grades within 05 of the next letter grade will be reviewedRequest for Relief for Missed Academic Term WorkIf you are absent from the university for a minor medical reason lasting fewer than 5 days you may report your absence once per term without documentation using the McMaster Student Absence Form MSAF Absences for a longer duration or for other reasons must be reported to your FacultyProgram
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