BIOLOGY 1A03 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Rho Factor, Stem-Loop, Nuclear Membrane

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BIOLOGY 1A03 Full Course Notes
BIOLOGY 1A03 Full Course Notes
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Central dogma- the direcional low of geneic informaion (geneic info transferred from dna to rna to. Rna polymerase binds to promoter regions of the dna, moves from the 3" to 5" end and will stop at the terminator. A consensus nucleoide sequence of tataat is at the 10th base pair of the 5" end and serves as part of the promoter region. They also have addiional sequences that enhance the rate of transcripion (ie. ttgcca about 35 nucleoides upstream) Sigma factors- proteins that facilitate the binding to the promoter region of the dna. Rho-independent- have a sequence and then the inverse of that sequence, which folds back on themselves to create a g-c rich hairpin loop. Rho-dependent- use a speciic protein or rho factor, which can unstabilize the dna-rna transcript so that they dissociate from each other. Transcripion and translaion are coupled because they lack a nuclear envelope to separate the two.

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