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BIOLOGY 2B03 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Glutamine, Antigen, Peptide

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Dr.Da Silva
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23 45/'6789/$6/:.;'"#.0/'";.8,'"9&1'
"3 <%"'"08'=7,'
:3 469'"08'49$'
c. Phe&and&Tyr&
83 >%&'"08'<9?'
&3 <%"'"08'@.,'
A3 45/'0&?"-.B&%7';6"9?&8'"#.0/'";.8,'"9&1'
"3 @.,'"08'=7,'
:3 >%&'"08'<,$'
;3 C9/'"08'D%7'
d. Asp&and&Glu&
&3 <,0'"08'D%+'
E3 F6.;6'"#.0/'";.8'.,'":%&'-/'G/9#'8.,+%G.8&':9.8?&,':&-5&&0'.-,'B"9.":%&',.8&H
a. Cys&
:3 D%7'
;3 C9/''
83 D%0'
&3 <%"'
J3 @789/$6/:.;'9&,.8+&,'-&08'-/':&'.0'-6&';/9&'/G'"'$9/-&.0K'567I'
"3 L&;"+,&'.-'.,'-6&9#/870"#.;"%%7'G"B/9":%&'-/'0/-'.0-&9";-'5.-6'5"-&9'
:3 @789/$6/:.;'9&,.8+&,'/0'-6&'$9/-&.0',+9G";&';"0'G/9#'.0"$$9/$9."-&'
;3 46&7'"9&'0/-'$/%"9'"08'"9&'0/-'":%&'-/'G/9#'6789/?&0':/08,'5.-6'
83 N/0&'/G'-6&'":/B&'
e. All&of&the&above&
O3 N/0H;/B"%&0-':/08,'"9&1'
"3 49"0,.&0-'
:3 >08.B.8+"%%7'5&"PK':+-';+#+%"-.B&%7',-9/0?'
;3 >0;%+8&'./0.;':/08,K'6789/?&0':/08,K'6789/$6/:.;'&GG&;-,'
83 Q"0'/;;+9':&-5&&0',.8&';6".0,'/9'$/%7$&$-.8&':";P:/0&'
e. All&of&the&above&
R3 SD&;P/'?%+&T'5",'8&,.?0&8':7',;.&0-.,-,K'.-'
"3 Q"0':&'+,&8'-/',-.;P'?&;P/T,'-/'-6&'5"%%'
:3 F",'8&,.?0&8'-/'6&%$'$&/$%&',-"08'B&9-.;"%'
c. Is&based&on&non:covalent&van&der&Waal’s&interactions&
83 U&%.&,'/0'9&8+;&8',+9G";&'"9&"'"-'-6&'$/.0-'/G';/0-";-''
&3 >,'+,&8':7'!$.8&9#"0'-/'5"%P'+$'5"%%,'
V3 46&';/.%&8H;/.%'#/-.G'9&W+.9&,'-5/'/9'#/9&'"%$6"H6&%.;&,'-6"-'"9&1'
"3 <%.$6"-.;'
b. Amphipathic&
;3 <%%/,-&9.;'
83 <0"&9/:.;'
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&3 X0.W+&'
8. The molecular chaperone, hsp70, functions to:
a. Create a hydrophilic ‘pressure cooker’, forcing surface hydrophobic patches
into the core of the protein
b. Protect hydrophobic patches on a nascent polypeptide
c. Prevents early degradation/aggregation of a protein
d. All of the above
e. B and c
9. Chaperonins recruit misfolded proteins by:
a. Their hydrophobic rim
b. Using shuttle proteins
c. Recognizing signal peptides on target proteins
d. Recognizing tagged proteins
e. Binding ATP
10. The role of E2 in the ubiquitinylation pathways is to:
a. Activate ubiquitin
b. Carry ubiquitin to the target peptide
c. Carry activated ubiquitin to the E3 ligase
d. Transfer ubiquitin to the target peptide
e. Covalently bind ubiquitin to a lysine amino acid on the target peptide
11. Molecular complementarity is responsible for interactions between:
a. Antibody and antigen
b. PKA and ATP and peptide
c. Enzyme and substrate
d. All of the above
e. None of the above
12. Which statement regarding the Vmax is NOT correct:
a. It is the rate of production of product
b. It is the maximum velocity of a reaction
c. It is independent of the enzyme concentration
d. It is a measure of the affinity of an enzyme for the substrate
e. It is dependent on the affinity of an enzyme for a substrate
13. The graph below shows the reaction kinetics for the enzyme aspartate carbomylase
with its substrate aspartate, in the presence of the allosteric modulators, ATP and
CTP or no modulator. Based on this graph which of the following statements is true:
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