BIOLOGY 2C03 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Mendelian Inheritance, Genetic Linkage, Centimorgan

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Recombination some pairs of genes don"t segregate randomly like mendel said, they can be coupled or linked. Recombination: sorting of alleles into new combinations parental -> non-recombinant (nr) non-parental -> recombinant (r) Recombination frequency: percentage of recombinant (non-parental) progeny or gametes. Recombination freq (r) = number of recombinant progeny/total number progeny x 100% unlinked genes (independent assort. ) = recombinant and parental combos are equal (r=50%) complete linkage = only parental allele combinations are possible (r=0%) linked genes = parental allele combos are usually more frequent than recombinant (r<50%) 2 genes located in same chromosome (synthetic) and close together cannot assort independently. These alleles produce recombinant chromosomes by crossing over crossing over occurs between homologous chromosomes during prophase i frequency of crossing over depends on distance between genes linkages can be broken by crossing over! Linkage maps recombination frequency proportional to distance between genes if r = 0. 1, then 10% between genes, 10 map units or centimorgan.

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