BIOLOGY 2C03 Study Guide - Final Guide: Malignancy, Kdm1A, Histone

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9 Sep 2013

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Exceptions to mendel"s principle; genes on same chromosome are linked and do not sort independently: can be tested with 2. Linkage can be broken suggests homologous chromosome able to exchange dna; physically recombine; crossover. Linkage maps using recombination frequencies (rf; distance between genes; represents chiasmata frequency); 1% rf = 1 mu (map unit); genes arranged in linear order (location of gene = gene locus) Interference crossover in one interval reduces probability that additional crossovers will occur nearby: coefficient of coincidence (coc) = observed/expected. % recombinants = % meiotic cells with single crossover/2. Use genetic locus other than gene (dna markers, nucleotide polymorphisms) to generate high density maps, because too few genes identified to make genetic map. Locus position on length of dna not necessarily a gene. Dna marker locus with known location that comes in identifiable variations (alleles) in a population; useful polymorphism for mapping. Allelic variations segregate according to mendel principles and show linkage relationships.

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