BIOLOGY 2F03 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Fetal Hemoglobin, Alpha Helix, Hyperbola

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More complex to solve, took more time to solve. First found in sperm whale as an oxygen storing molecules. Monomer, single polypeptide chain, 8 alpha helices, globular. Heme molecule is site where iron ii (ferrous) is located. Ferric iron insoluble, ferrous iron is reduced form. Myoglobin in our muscle to facilitate diffusion of oxygen into muscles. Phase and amplitude together allowed solving of electron density which then can be used to solve structure. Kendel created his own nomenclature for chain and atom identification. Heme group bound to helice c and f in myglobin. Tetra pyrrole creates pii electron system which absorbs electromagnetic energy. Histidine residue that is important for ligating heme group. Ferrous ii can be converted to ferrous iii in presence of oxygen. Blood turns brown with oxidated to ferrous iii. Groups in close association to place tetra pyrrole ring in right plane. Onces oxygen ligated to 6th position, oxygen hydrogen bonded to another side chain of histidine.

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