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Joe Kim

Personal ReflectionAssignment By: AmritAulak. Group Members: Sasha Soraine, Paul Fossenie Mac ID: aulakas, Student ID: 1150270, Date: October 20, 2011 When given a design problem, engineers follow an organized and systematic procedure that allows them to effectively find multiple solutions to the presented problem. To begin, the designer is given a strong understanding of what they are creating as they are given a set of detailed requirements and specifications in the problem definition. Given such information, they are able to more accurately synthesize a solution that corresponds to what the client has asked for, but still having freedom in their choice of design. Resultantly, the variety of possible solutions is clearly improved with such a method, as the problem statement is specific to guide the design in the correct direction, but not so specific that it restricts the creativity of the designer. Although there are many different methods of brainstorming, an excellent strategy is to use a morphological chart. Amorphological chart is an extensive and organized schematic that represents a detailed relationship between functions and means. The advantages of using it are clear; it organizes all the functions and subsequent means in a simple and logical method. By doing so, the chart lists all the sub-functions in a vertical list. This method provides the designer for an opportunity to consider not only the obvious secondary functions, but also the more subtle secondary functions, which often can be overlooked or neglected. Next, multiple means can be wr
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