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Chemical Engineering
Joe Kim

Measurements 2I03 Exam Summary Sheet AmritAulak Measuring Devices Device Name What It Other Lin/ Equation Cost Acronym Accuracy Durability/ Use Measures Variables Non- Anywhere Lin Thermometer Temperature Density, - - Very - 0.2-1 (C) Good/ Low Limit to Height Cheap Temp Bimetallic Temperature by Expansion - - Cheap - - Good/ High Temp Thermometer bending of two Coefficients of metals Metals Infrared Temperature by Emissivity T^4 Mod IR device Decent Great/ Medium Thermometer Emissivity Non- Temp Limit Linear Resistance Temperature by Resistance Lin Expens RTD 0.1 to 2 (C) Robust/ Slow Temperature Resistance Response Time Detector Thermistor Temperature by Resistance e^(1/T) Mod - 0.02 to 0.2 Fast Response Time Resistance Non- (C) / Narrow Range Linear Thermocouple Temperature by Current, Non- Cheap - ~0.1 to 2 (C) Wide Range/ Short Current Volumetric linear term Stability Resistivity McLeod Gauge Pressure by Hg - - - - - - Low Pressures ONLY 10-150 Pa Barometer/ Pressure by Density of Lin b/w Cheap - - Medium Range Manometer height of fluid Fluid height in tube Height and P Deadweight Pressure by Fluid Density Lin with Med - 0.05-0.01% Higher Pressure Tester Force on Inc Forces F/mass of Reading Range <200 MPa Fluid Area Pressure Pressure by - - - Med - - - Transducer Mech: Physical Motion Bourdon, Bellow, of Pipe/ Balloon Diaphragm Pressure Pressure by Piezoelectric - - - - - - Transducer Elec: Electrical Constants Piezoelectric Charge VariableArea Flow Meter by Pressure, Re, Flow Med - 2-3% of Venturi causes little Flow Meter: Pressure Drop Discharge Ko affected (orifice) reading Pressure Drop, Venturi, Orifice, by to Exp Nozzle medium, nozzle (P)^1/2 (venturi) Orfice Large abrupt drop Magnetic Flow Flow Meter by Flow, Velocity, - - Exp - 0.5-1% Small Range/ Only Meter voltage of fluid Voltage conductive Fluids passing Rotameter Flow Meter Drag Force, - Cheap Variable 2-4% of Only for Gas/ force balance on Weight, Area reading Liquid, Must be float Buoyancy, Vertical and In-line Velocity Turbine Flow Flow Meter by Angular Lin Q = Kω Med - 0.25-1% High Q, T, P, not Meter angular velocity Velocity close to Joints Positive Flow Meter by Velocity, Lin - - - 0.1-0.5% High Back P Displacement velocity Volume needed, fluid Gears: Oval Gear properties irrelevant Transit Time/ Flow Meter by - - - Exp - 0.5 and 2 % Expensive, Needs Doppler NRG right pipe kind Mass Flow Rates: Mass Meter by Heat Capacity - - Very - - Useful for varying Thermal temperature of Fluid, Exp density fluids, but is change NRG, Velocity complex Coriolis Mass Meter by Vibration - - Very - 0.05-0.15% Useful for varying acceleration of Speed, Exp density fluids, but is fluid Acceleration complex Analog to Digital ChangesAnalog - - - Cheap ADC Resolution: Useful for most Converter to Digital 2^n where n devices recording to is the bit# computer DataAcquisition Provides power Scales signal, - - Med DAQ Hardware to sensors, converts Hardware connection signal to point, signal Voltage, amplifier Signal Filtering Linear Variable Measures AC/ DC - - - LVDT - No sliding contacts Differential velocity from current, (more durable) Transformer change in voltage current Amperometric Meaures Current Lin: Faraday Law - - - Measures Current electron charge Faraday between two transfer Law currents (current) Potentiometric Measures Potential Potential Nernst Equation - - Needs to be Measures Potential Potential (volts), pH Lin with calibrated based on pH and pH / T with pH Temp of reaction solutions Conductimetric Measures Resistance - - - - - Dangerous for High Resistance or voltage to most Conductivity materials (Siemens) Capacitance Measures Capacitance - - - - If non-polar Can be used for Sensor capacitance
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