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Paul Harrison

Bio 2C03Genetics Tutorial assignment 1 minus 25 marks 10 not use of proper intext citation minus 1 mark not use of AMA style for in text citation and references Questions 1 What is the title of the research paper that the news article is referring toProvide a complete reference indicating authors date of publication and journal Use the AMA referencing style 2 marksChiang T Duncan FE Schindler K Schultz RM Lampson MA Evidence that weakened centromere cohesion is a leading cause of agerelated aneuploidy in oocytes Current Biology 2010 20152215282 Why did the authors study this topic 2 marksIt is now well established that the probability of a trisomic pregnancy ie an embryo with an extra copy of a chromosome increases dramatically with age Most trisomies and all autosomal monosomies are 1inviable and the few that are viable result in severe developmental disabilities 1 markDuring our previous studies we noticed that sister kinetochores are farther apart in metaphase II MII eggs from old mice 1619 months of age compared to MII eggs from young mice 614 weeks of age 1referred to as old or young eggs This observation suggested that centromere cohesion m
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