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Civil Engineering
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Paulin Coulibaly

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2J04 MidTerm ReviewSTAR QuestionsL1 What is the most influential abiotic factor Sunlight L2 What is ecotone The transitional region bw different ecosystems Share many of the species and characteristics of both ecosystemsMajor Trophic Categories of Organisms 1 Producers 2 Consumers 3 Detritus feeders 4 decomposers L3 How is the role of autotrophs and heterotrophs different or the same What are limiting factors in ecosystems Know the nutrients cycles carbon phosphorus nitrogen stndWhat are the violations of 1 and 2 principles of ecosystems sustainability Learn 3 ecosystems services and functions L45 What is climax ecosystem Is the equilibrium bw species and physical environment and the balance bw the two L6 Learn the soil profile Learn soil classes What is productive soil What is the cause of soil degradation in NA SA Europe Etc L78 Learn the top five elements Rank the atom bonds from strongest to weakest L910 Engineering applications Rock cycle L11 Rock cycle What is lithification Refers to the processes compaction and cementation by which unconsolidated sediments are transformed into solid sedimentary rocks Learn engineering applications L12 Engineering App L1314 What are body SP waves What is the difference bw magnitude and intensity What are the structural design factors L15L16L17 Identify the merits and limits of each method arithmetic thiessen isohyetal Time of concentrationWhat are the factors that can affect Tc from up stream to down obsicales like rock and roots What is DRH L18 Estimate snowmelt ML1 EcosystemsEcosystemgrouping of species plants animals in a given area and interacting with each other and their environmentEcologythe study of ecosystems and interactions among organisms and their environmentBioticLiving community in a specific environmentAbioticnon living include water air soil temperature wind sunlightDecline of Ecosystems Human impactoceans overfished forest cut faster than it can grow deforestation pollution change in climate agricultural soil degradation depletion of supplies groundwaterImportance of Ecosystemssupport human life economy agriculture etc Also sustain biodiversityGlobal Environmental Picturerapid human population growth and increasing consumption per person decline of vital lifesupport ecosystems global atmospheric changes loss of biodiversityThree unifying themesSustainability Stewardship and Sound Science o Sustainability o Stewardshipwe dont own environment but take care of it desire to pass something on to future generations o Sound Sciencecan reproduce causes and effects are explainable experiments and observationsL2 Ecosystem StructureEcosystemgrouping of species plants animals in a given area and interacting with each other and their environment ex oceans forestsHow ecosystems are formed abiotics moisture and temperature create plants moistureforest temperatureforest type which creates animalsEcotonetransitional region between different ecosystems They share many of the species and characteristics of both ecosystemsInorganic Organicoxygenall living thingscarbon dioxideproducts of living thingsnitrogenwaterpHWhat is trophicMajor Trophic Categories of Organisms1 Producers green plants photosynthesis autotrophs selffeeding chlorophyll 2 Consumers bacteria insects reptiles mammals etc heterotrophs feeded bywith other organisms o Primary consumers herbivores eat plant material o Secondary consumers carnivores eat herbivores and other animals o Higher level consumers parasites eat plants or animals
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