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Paulin Coulibaly

2J04 study notes 1 DO dissolved oxygen is depleted as a result of the decomposition of organic matter 2 BOD Biochemical oxygen demand measures the amount of organic material in water and determines the DO required to break it down34 Petroleum products pesticides and detergents are organic pollutants heavy metals acids and road salts are inorganic 5 Tropic levels in biotic ecosystems constitute 1 Autotroughs consisting of producers2Heterotroughs consisting of consumers detritus feeders and decomposers 6 The most obvious nonpoint source of excess nutrients is agricultural runoff7 The most obvious point source of excess nutrients is eutrophication 8 2 kinds of phytoplankton 1 green filamentous and single cells 2 Bluegreen algae 3 Diatom single cells 9 2 types of benthic plants 1 Emergent vegetation 2 Submerged aquatic vegetation 10 Oligotrophic nutrient poor 11 Eutrophic nutrient rich 12 3 diseases caused by pathogens are Typhoid fever Cholera and Diarrhea 13 Point sources of excess nutrients include raw sewage septic tanks and industrial discharge 14 Eutrophicaton Stages 1Nutrient Enrichment 2Growthdeath of phytoplankton 3 Accumulation of Detritus
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