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Civil Engineering
Ryan Browne

Vehicle Category PCU Equiv Passenger cars, vans, pickup trucks 1 Single unit trucks 1.5 Multi-unit trucks 2.5 Heavily loaded multi-unit trucks 3.5 Buses 2.0 Articulated Buses or Streetcars 2.5 Motorcycles 0.5 Bicycles 0.2-1 Pick-up trucks and vans 0.9 Calculate timing plan Add Scramble Phase Signal Coordination (intersections less than 600m apart) 1)Flow ratios 1) Subtract the scramble phase length from cycle length 1) Calculate Cmin and Copt for each intersection 2)Critical flow 2) Calculate timing plan as per usual, adding in scramble 2) Choose multiples of the same number ie 60s, 120s 3)Intersection flow ratio Loop Detector – Time Saved? 3) Convert speed from km/h to m/s 4)Total green time 1) Allocate time to appropriate phase 4) Calculate the offset time using t = d/v relative to the first intersection 5)Green time per cycle 2) Use LOS delay eqn to determine amount of time saved LOS v/C Midblock detector Location of loop detectors Storage lane length 1) calc eff green time 1) calculate effective green time ( ) 1) Calculate Qreach 1) Calc Qreach using ( ) 2) capcity 2) calculate Qreach for each lane 2) use Qreach (Pvs Qreach) curve to find 3) degree of saturation 3) multiply my length of car for distance 2) Multiply by length of car for distance needed Qreach 4) use chart for LOS 3)Multiply by length of car LOS Delay Trip Generation – Fitted Curve Trip Gen 1) calculate kf,d2,d1  d0 1) Average Rate = rate x units x % ent 1) use provided equation to find total trips 2) use chart to determine LOS 2) Use curve equation, multiplied by % ent 2) multiply by %ent/%exit Utility Car running light 1) sub values into U eqn 1) Calculate SSD 2) should be negative 2) Ex driver saw yellow at 30m, if SSD>30m, 3) sub into P eqn then within dilemma zone, valid argument Pcar = e^Ucar/(e^Ucar+e^Utrans+e^Ucarpool) 3) Total distance to drive = length of car + width of intersection + distance from stop bar 4) t = d/v, if t>Y+R phases, driver not at fault Term Equation Corner Clearance
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