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Greece and rome: the athenian empire consisted of many city-states in 450 bc - pop thousands, roman empire - pop millions. Terms for dates: bc - before christ, ad- anno domini, bce - before christian era, ce - christian era. Dionysius exiguus (ad 525: established the system for when to start the dates. Roman chronology: a list of the roman consuls, named the year after the 2 consuls. Date ### in the year of consul x and y : also, from the foundation of the city ~50bc. Greek/athenian chronology: naming year after important officials happened in each city-state, every city has a different start to the year, differently named months, etc. Tangent: he"s working on a list, we can only really work on roman and athens, expect for episis from 52. Our sytem for dating is repacked onl systems: 425 bc is in 5th c, 1ad to 99ad is the 1st century. Languages: greeks spoke greek, romans spoke latin.

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