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Articles: a, an, the book makes a big deal of these, prof not so much: not an important difference between the 3. Pronouns: not very relevant for med terminology, except something . Conjunctions: not really needed in medical terminology adverbs: not really needed in med terms. Nouns can have various forms of nouns, various endings: eg. love, loveness, lovehood, lover, lovist, lovesickness, lovelessness. Most nouns in med terms will be abstract nouns (using the" instead of a"will help emphasize the abstractness. Adjectives can you use this word to describe the noun cat ? if so, then it"s an ajective lovish loveless loverish lovelessniessish you know its an adjective if you can put the word cat after it and it makes sense. And the mome raths outgrabe: brilligness induced slithization of the toveful wave, brillinghood denying wabeloving slithesuckers think very clearly what part of speech is this.

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