CLASSICS 2MT3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Weakness, Coracoid Process, Acromion

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To do the action of, to make something, (to do the action of something pertaining to) One who does the action of, or one who specializes in. Primary suffixes that indicate noun, no actual meaning. Al, ic, ous, ary, ar, an, in, ine, ac (9) Abnormal condition involving; same as ia; otic (ot = osis) Hardening of ; sclerot (don"t add another pertaining to) Swelling of; edemato (of something involving the swelling) Chapter 3 skeletal system the ossification of x. Chapter 4 nervous system, eye and ear. Chapter 5: glands: hem(at)/o x-(h)emia, sangu/in/o, sangu/i, plasm(at)/o, plasm/a, thromb/o, thromb/o/cyt/o, sphygm/o, card(i)/o, angi/o (angei-, vas/o, vascul/o, arter(i)/o. The abnormal presence in the blood of x. Artery: phleb/o, ven/o, (endo)crin/o, hormone/o, aden/o, glandul/o, pineal/o, hypo/phys(e)/o, parot(id)/o, thyr(oid)/o, parathyr/o parathyr/oid/o, adren/o adrenal/o, supra/ren/o supra/ren/al/o, insul/o. Chapter 6: respiratory system: rhin/o, nas/o, sin(us)/o, sept/o, antr/o, trach/e/o, bronch/o, bronch/i, pne/um(on)/o, pulm(on)/o, pleur/o, phren/o, spir/o, pne/o, pneum(at)/o.

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