CMST 2A03 Study Guide - Final Guide: Nomothetic, Post-Structuralism, Masculinity

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5. clear distinction between scientific statements which describe how and why certain phenomenas act they way they do, which outline conditions are morally acceptable, only scienctific statements have a place of domain, normative statements belong to the realm of philosophy the truth or moral claims cannot be confirmed by these senses positivism assumes a sharp distinction between theory and research and include both elements inductive and deductive it suggests that it is possible to collect observations without any reference to pre existing theories and to develop new theories purely on the basis of those observations has acquired some negative connotations one reason: fact that certain researchers in the positivist tradition ignored some fundamental differences between human beings and often inanimate or not fully conscious entitites studied by natural scientists found that they did not follow value free and brought moral subject in the theories.