CMST 2CC3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Technological Determinism, Canadian Content, Socalled

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A collection of historical sources; a place where sources are. Whole series of decisions that go into creating an archive. Key questions: what is preserved, what was left out and not preserved. The things that travel around are the things that tend not to stay and keep well over time (tapes) Who has access to the archives- do you need permission or is it accessible to the public. The company started off with a demo for male party lines and females were not happy with it. Bell got female private lines and they pushed it because they were really unhappy with the unprofessional way the party lines were used. Bell looked to increase its market share by meeting even and eventually through expansion get more business and corporate clients. Rearranging the files: on interpretation in media history, 2010. Finding archives and documents as well as interpreting them.

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